Missouri Installment Lenders Association

Who We Are

The Missouri Installment Lenders Association was organized in 1985 by lenders who recognized the need for a united voice, a united vision and the ability to serve consumers in Missouri. It is our goal and mission to provide financial services to the people of Missouri under the statutes passed by the Missouri legislature and the regulatory framework enforced by the Division of Finance.

The Missouri Installment Lenders Association is active in the following:

  1. Maintaining a strong legislative committee, active in tracking legislation, supporting positive legislation and opposing negative legislation.
  2. Maintaining an elected group of officers and directors who provide direction and support.
  3. Maintaining an informed membership through periodic communications.
  4. Maintaining an annual convention dedicated to furthering the flow of information, unity and common purpose.
  5. Holding periodic membership meetings designed to disseminate information and garner unified support and purpose.
  6. Maintaining lobbying relationships to represent members' interest in the Missouri Legislature.
  7. Maintaining an Executive Director to lead lobbying efforts and fund raising.
  8. Maintaining a sound and open relationship with Supervisor of Consumer Credit and the Division of Finance.
  9. Maintaining an active presence in the political process through legislative member meetings, fund raisers and events.
  10. Maintaining relationships and/or membership in national associations (AFSA/NILA) to maintain, promote and protect federal interest.
We are always interested in attracting new membership from the traditional installment loan industry in Missouri. Our united voice and active membership provides the strength to continue to maintain, promote and protect our great industry.

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