Missouri Installment Lenders Association

Code Of Ethics

Our members adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  1. To encourage the borrowing public to use credit wisely and encourage prompt payment of all debts.
  2. To assure by reasonable means the ability of the applicant to repay debts.
  3. To provide applicants an installment loan that is amortized with reduction of principal and interest in substantially equal payments.
  4. To employ only lawful and reasonable means and methods in the collection of delinquent accounts.
  5. To be responsible, fair and nondiscriminatory with borrowers.
  6. To not be a party to any agreement or activity fixing minimum charges on loans.
  7. To reasonably cooperate with federal, state, and local officials empowered to regulate our industry.
  8. To conduct our operations in an ethical and legal manner.
  9. To actively bar or remove from our association any member or firm who does not adhere to the Code of Ethics.

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